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Inorae really lacked of it, huh? She panted so feverishly and her knuckles were red from balling her fists for so long. Neck kisses all the time. He feels pretty sober now. He knew Taecyeon wouldn't say yes. It is oneshot and had the idea after I listened to Balmes from Ian Pooley.
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◘Showers Are Meant for Cleaning◘ {Post 3}

That had been Taecyeon pulled back, watching her gasp for air. Mika watched Chansung eat up another bowl of noodles and she shook her head, not being to believe how much this boy could choke down. She accepted it, allowing it to moisten her dry throat before she set the glass down. This all seemed like a cruel dream because when she'd wake up, she'd either be at home or worse, stuck in that room with the gray walls. Taecyeon was drawing circles on her with his tongue and he wasn't stopping. Ever since there first fuck, when Taecyeon tied her up, he was already developing some kind of addiction to her.
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Yoona wiped some water from her eyes to stare back at Taecyeon. Taecyeon pressed his body against her so tight, not leaving any distance between their skin at all. This is what Yoona was concluding from the problems she had encountered while being in this mansion. You suppressed a scream. When he turned around, she was already wearing a very adult type of lingerie and it was safe to say it took Taecyeon's breath away for a second. When she was more stable, against the wall to better his thrusts, Yoona felt him pull nearly all the way out and then he suddenly filled her up once more so quickly. Am I handsome?
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They were so close that the head of his cock was hitting against the surface of Yoona's bikini area. I'll check 'em all and get back? Yoona got so touchy when she was tired Its good Taec. Originally posted by 2pmdimple. You're totally nasty without grown-ups here!
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